Ways to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home
August 11, 2020
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Mold outbreaks can have devastating consequences. In addition to potentially harming your home’s structure, they can also have numerous negative health effects on the residents living inside, such as worsening asthma symptoms, headaches, or respiratory illnesses. Plus, mold is often incredibly costly to eliminate and, in some cases, near impossible to get rid of once it has spread. As such, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive and take measures to prevent a mold outbreak before it begins. To do so, take a look at these effective ways to prevent mold from growing in your home.

Look out for leaks, excess moisture, and pooled water

Mold thrives in wet and moist environments. If there are any leaks or areas with pooled water in your home, it is only a matter of time before a mold outbreak starts. As such, it is important to identify and repair any leaks as soon as possible.

To do so, homeowners should frequently check their homes for any leaks or areas with standing water. Common problem areas where moisture frequently accumulates include around windows, toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters. Keeping a close eye on your water meter and utility bill for abnormal fluctuations can also alert you to any leaks that may have occurred in your home.

Invest in a high-quality ventilation system

As previously touched on, mold cannot grow and spread without ample moisture. As such, keeping moisture in your home at healthy levels can greatly help prevent mold outbreaks in your home.

One way to keep moisture levels controlled is by investing in a high-quality ventilation system. A quality ventilation system will flush out excess moisture and prevent mold spores from settling. Because mold can often grow in the ductwork of HVAC systems, consider investing in a ductless ventilation unit instead.

Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly

Another effective way to prevent mold from growing in your home is by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly. By consistently wiping down the surfaces of your home, you can prevent mold spores from accumulating and spreading. It is especially important to clean up any spills as soon as they occur to prevent the pooled liquid from serving as a breeding ground for mold.

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