3 Ways to Support Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

3 Ways to Support Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

We’re living through an unprecedented moment in history right now. Practically the entire country is shut down, and hospitals are close to their breaking point. Through all of the devastation and uncertainty, heroes in the healthcare field have gone above and beyond to save lives.

Here are three ways to support healthcare workers during COVID-19. These people are putting their lives on the line every time they go to work. It’s our responsibility to show them how much we appreciate their service.

Bake Tasty Treats

Right now, thousands of nurses and doctors are working exhausting shifts at the hospital. These healthcare professionals are running on empty, and they often don’t even have time to go home for basic essentials. So, one way to support healthcare workers during this time is to bake them delicious treats. I can’t imagine how exhausted these people are.

A few weeks ago, I thought to myself, I should show my appreciation to the workers with homemade goodies. So I whipped up as many butternut squash cupcakes as I could. Then, I put them in clean containers and dropped them off at a local hospital with a note thanking everyone for their hard work. I was glad to put a smile on their faces, if only for a short period of time.

Post on Social Media

Spread some love on social media for the healthcare workers in your life. Doctors and nurses are incredibly overwhelmed right now. Do what you can to put a smile on their faces. Write some kind and encouraging words on Facebook so that the experts know you’re by their side. Please, utilize your musical talents if you have them, as well. If you’re a skillful singer, sing an inspiring tune on social media and dedicate it to those on the frontline. I don’t know how to carry a tune for the life of me; however, I do try to share positive messages whenever I can.

Donate PPE

We’ve all seen the horror stories of nurses having to re-wear masks multiple times because there’s a shortage. If you have extra PPE lying around, donate it to a hospital in your area. Nurses and physicians will greatly appreciate the extra supplies.

Yes, we all should be wearing PPE when we go outside. However, healthcare workers need it more. If you can spare some gloves or masks, please do so. The nation is facing a shortage unlike any other in human history. Do your part to contribute where you can.

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