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The Single Best Financial Advice For Nurses

Nurses work hard for the money. But they need to be saving more of it.
During my first few tumultuous weeks as a new grad nurse, a mentor with over 20 years of nursing experience gave me helpful advice. “Save your money now,” she said. “Automatic your savings so you don’t even see it. ” Everything in nursing is evidence-based. Are nurses ignoring the evidence that compounding interest is the secret to growing wealth slowly and ensuring their financial health into their golden years…

Nurse Money: How To Pay Off Nursing School Loans Fast

The last thing any busy, hard-working nurse wants to think about is how to pay off student loan debt from nursing school.  Unfortunately, you can’t ignore it out of existence no matter how hard you try. (Trust me, I’ve tried!). Nursing school student loan debt will remain right where is is until you get aggressive and attack it. Read more to learn about 7 simple that you can use to pay off nursing school loans quickly and become a debt-free nurse…