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Stress Management For Nurses

It is no surprise that prolonged stress damages the body.  Yet many nurses are dealing with unchecked chronic stress for years or even decades.  Still, the passion that many nurses have for helping others drives them to continue forward in their nursing careers.  But who is helping nurses? Read more about simple ways nurses can manage stress so they can continue living a happy and healthy career in nursing…

Nurses Nurturing Nurses Interview With Jessica Smith, RN

I got ANOTHER chance this week to talk with RN Coach Jessica Smith about a topic that is near and dear to my heart:  nurses nurturing nurses!  (I had so much fun the first time, what can I say?!)
During the interview, we discussed:
1. Strategies you can use to attain a work-life balance with a busy nursing schedule;
2. How you can design your life around how you want to feel;
3. And how doing simple things each day can make a BIG impact on your overall health and well-being;
I can’t wait for you to check it out. Take care of yourself, nurse…

Bouncing Back From Burnout Interview With Jessica Smith, RN

Nurse burnout sucks.  I’ve totally been there. So, it may seem odd at first to hear that I also LOVE talking about nurse burnout. In fact, I think every nurse experiences burnout at some point in their career (if you haven’t please email me back and let me know your secret!).  Here’s the kicker: once you admit you have an issue with nursing burnout you open yourself to the idea of potential solutions.  But if you just pull your hoodie over your eyes and continue to suffer in silence then nothing ever changes.  And your burnout gets even worse. So, let’s talk about solutions for nurse burnout!  Have a listen to my Bouncing Back From Burnout interview with fellow ER Nurse and Nurse Coach, Jessica Smith…

Nurse Burnout: How Hospital Administration Can Help

Hospital administration can help prevent and better manage nurse burnout. Here are a few ideas that hospitals should consider to help nurses take better care of themselves so they can continue to give excellent care to their patients…

Nurse Health: Self Care For 12 Hour Shifts

If you are like a lot of hardworking shift workers you may at times feel overworked, exhausted and even burned out.  
Everyone knows that 12 hour shift schedules can be extremely demanding.  What are you doing for yourself to ensure that you stay healthy and thrive? With a little preparation and focus on your personal well-being you can be both a healthy nurse and give great care to your patients.  Its time to focus on nurse self care…

8 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy

Nurses NEED to put themselves first so they have the stamina and good health to care for their patients and families.  This is non-negotiable. When nurses make their own well being a priority our families get a better version of us, we have the energy and stamina to keep up with heavy patient workloads, and we have better relationships with our spouses and friends. Most of all, healthy nurses are happier…