Top 10 Best Nurse Coffee Mugs (in 2021)

Top 10 Best Nurse Coffee Mugs (in 2021)

Coffee, anyone?  Yes, please.

Since becoming a nurse and the mother of two amazing little humans, my caffeine consumption has reached an all-time high.

I’ve been so tired for so long that I don’t even remember what my life was before I became a daily coffee consumer.  (Parenthood will do that to you!).

But being a tired nurse and mom is where life is for me at the moment.  Coffee for me, quite literally, is my lifeblood.  Not to mention, it brings me joy.

After all, they say that it’s the little things in life that make us the happiest, and for most of my mom and nurse friends, drinking a great cup of joe fits that statement perfectly!

Great coffee needs a great coffee mug

I appreciate having a great mug or travel container to drink coffee now that I am always on the go.  Mainly because nurses and moms know there is no time to sit and rest – there are just too many people to take care of!

I’m not even a little ashamed to say I have also become a bit of a coffee snob.  (Although I have recently switched it up a bit by adding matcha green tea into my caffeine regimen for a little extra antioxidant power.)

But developing my coffee habit isn’t the worst thing that could have ever happened.  After all, there is scientific evidence that drinking coffee is may be beneficial to overall health in many ways:

Coffee benefit #1. Drinking coffee may undo liver damage caused by booze.

Even though my college party days are long behind me, this was still great news to hear.  Researchers analyzed data from nine previously published studies with a total of more than 430,000 participants – and found that drinking two additional cups of coffee a day was linked to a 44% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis!

Coffee benefit #2:  Coffee may help you live longer.

A Stanford University study that tracked 100 people over several years, and found that coffee drinkers tended to live longer than non-coffee drinkers.  The authors theorized that  increased caffeine consumption might counteract the “fundamental inflammatory mechanism associated with human aging.”

Coffee benefit #3:  Regular coffee consumption may be good for your heart and brain.

The American Heart Association and the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that risk of heart failure or stroke went down 8 percent for each additional cup of coffee per day.

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The top 25 best nurse coffee mugs:

Now that we know that coffee is not only essential for our daily function as nurses and also may benefit our brains and body, but there is also only one more thing left to do. And that is to find the best nurse coffee mugs to enjoy our delicious brew.

With no further ado and in no particular order, here are the top 25 best nurse coffee mugs!

#1.  I Will Stab You Mug



#2.  Before Patients, After Patients 11oz Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Set



#3.  Nurse Helping Hands Coffee Mug



#4.  We Can’t Fix Stupid But We Can Sedate It Coffee Mug



#5.  Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart, Skilled Enough To Restart It Nurse Coffee Mug



#6.  Nurse Cause Badass Life Saver Isn’t An Official Job Title Nurse Coffee Mug



#7.  I’m A Nurse What’s Your Superpower?



#8.  Funny Nursing Student Coffee Mug



#9.  I am A Mom And A Nurse Nothing Scares Me



#10.  Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search With My Nursing Degree


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