What Is A Nurse Health Coach?

What Is A Nurse Health Coach?

If the desire for flexibility and autonomy is inspiring you to look outside of the hospital setting for new opportunities, becoming a nurse health coach might be a career worth exploring.

In the hospital setting, burnout in the nursing profession is at an all-time high.   As a result, some are looking for alternative ways to work for themselves.

Have you ever wanted complete control over your work schedule while also helping patients make healthier life choices?  If the answer is yes, read on.

After all, nurses have many transferable skills that can be used in alternative ways.  Read on to learn more about nurse health coaching, and don’t forget to watch the video at the end!

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What is a nurse health coach?

Nurse health coaches have the ability to actualize their patient’s healthcare goals outside of the hospital setting by helping them develop the healthiest version of themselves.  And by teaching patients how to take great care of themselves, the nurse health coach empowers them for the rest of their lives.

Nurse health coaches work with patients to provide guidance and resources to assist their patients in living a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.  In terms of nursing experience, nurse health coaches generally have many years of direct patient care in the hospital setting. They have the desire to have a more direct and positive health impact on their patient’s lives.

Many nurse health coaches are entrepreneurs who work in private practice, although some hospitals and doctors offices hire nurse health coaches as well.  According to some surveys, nurse coaches can earn similar or even more income than they do working in hospitals.

What does a nurse health coach do?

Here are a few ways nurse health coaches can help patients: 
  • Understand patients unique healthcare dynamics
  • Assessing and inspiring your patient to make life-long healthy food and exercise habits
  • Identifying client opportunities and issues for improved health
  • Helping patients set achievable goals to have optimal health
  • Encouraging and empowering patients to reach their goals

Also, nurse health coaches can decrease healthcare spending by:

  • Helping insurance companies reduce the cost of patient care and disease management, and
  • Giving patients the tools to improve their overall health and well-being by reducing the incidence of chronic illness and the cost of healthcare

Some nurse coaches work in private practice; some collaborate with other health professionals in a group practice, and others are employees. According to surveys, nurse coaches can earn similar or more income than they do working in hospitals.

Additional benefits:

Nurse health coaches generally have more independence in this role then they do in other nursing careers.  For many nurses, this makes a great alternative to bedside nursing where you are constantly working under the eye of administrators.

Plus, while nurse health coaches must work very hard to be successful, the profession offers flexibility with setting one’s schedule, work atmosphere, and patient clientele.

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