10 Best Nike Shoes For Nurses (2023)

10 Best Nike Shoes For Nurses (2023)

Best Nike Shoes For Nurses

*Post contains affiliate links/Updated from original post on 2/1/2019

It’s no secret that nurses are on their feet for up to 12-hour nursing shifts (or longer!).

This is why nurses must wear shoes that can support their intensive and often arduous nursing shifts – and keep them safe in the process.

Having an excellent nursing shoe can make all the difference in how good you feel after a long 12-hour shift. Foot pain, back pain, and achy joints are just a few of the side effects that many nurses deal with regularly.

And having the proper footwear can make all the difference in the world.

Wearing a Non-slip-resistant nursing shoe is an occupational hazard.

Nurses frequently walk around on hard and sometimes wet surfaces, especially in the hospital setting. Floors are regularly cleaned between patients, and there are occasional spills that can sometimes result in unintended falls.

Non-slip nursing shoes are essential for healthcare workers who spend their days on their feet, moving quickly between patients, navigating wet and slippery floors, and handling hazardous materials. Here are some reasons why it is so important to have a non-slip nursing shoe:

  • Prevent slips and falls: A non-slip shoe can help prevent injuries from falls.
  • Increase efficiency: A non-slip shoe can help healthcare workers move quickly and efficiently between patients, without fear of slipping or falling.
  • Reduce stress: Knowing that you are wearing a shoe with a slip-resistant sole can reduce stress and increase confidence, allowing healthcare workers to focus on their job without worrying about their safety.

Nursing shoes must be slip-resistant. This is a non-negotiable when it comes to choosing a great nursing shoe.

How We Chose the Best Nike Shoes For Nurses

If you want your feet to carry you through your long shifts, you need high-quality shoes.

We’ve read through a ton of user reviews and star ratings to develop this list. We hope it makes your life easier and provides information to help you make a good decision on the right shoes for you.


Wall of NIKE shoes

The best NIKE shoes for nurses

Top 10 Best Nike Shoes For Nurses

The following list of Nike shoes for nurses are supportive and can help absorb the impact of walking on hard surfaces all day. They are great shoes for nurses because they have the potential to keep nurses safer from untended injury, and to top it off, they look fabulous too.

The NIKE shoes that made this list are offered in several different colors, so if you love the style but not the shade, then find the color that suits you!

Nike Air Zoom Pulse


Why We Love Them

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was designed in collaboration with nurses and medical professionals to provide optimal comfort for long hours on hard, flat surfaces. The shoe is lightweight and features a full-length Zoom Air unit that provides responsive cushioning.

It also includes an adjustable heel strap that helps keep your foot secure when you’re running between patients or taking quick trips up and down the hallway. The outsole is engineered specifically for wet/slick hospital floors, so nurses can stay surefooted every step of their shift.

The Air Zoom Pulse is a lightweight and breathable sneaker with a mostly flat sole that provides enough cushion to keep your feet comfortable throughout the workday. Its low-profile design allows you to move quickly and efficiently, while its rubber outsole helps maintain a grip on wet surfaces.

Product Features

  • The shoe features a durable rubber sole, which provides excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • The slip-on design includes two convenient pull tabs and a flexible heel, allowing for easy on and off without the hassle of laces or straps.
  • An elastic strap at the heel helps to secure your foot in place, providing a snug and comfortable fit that won’t slip or slide during wear.
  • The upper of the shoe includes solid panels, which offer a perfect spot to add your name or other personal inspiration, making these shoes truly your own.
  • One of the most unique features of this shoe is the pulse design lines on the sole, liner, and cushioning. These lines symbolize vitality, movement, and heart, giving you the motivation you need to stay active and energized throughout the day.

Overall, this shoe offers a perfect combination of style and functionality, with a slip-on design that makes it easy to wear and a rubber sole that ensures excellent traction and durability. The elastic strap and personalized upper add to the comfort and individuality of the shoe, while the pulse design lines serve as a constant reminder to stay active and keep moving forward.

Nike Womens Air Max 270


Why We Love Them

It can be hard to find a shoe that offers both style and comfort. The Nike Women’s Air Max 270 is the perfect combination of both. It comes in a stylish slip-on design with an elastic strap for extra support. Plus, the personalized upper helps provide individualized fit and feel, while the rubber sole ensures traction and durability.

The air cushioning in the heel also helps reduce fatigue and provide all-day comfort, while the pulse design lines add eye-catching detail. With so much to love about this shoe, it’s no wonder why it’s quickly become a favorite amongst women everywhere.

So if you’re looking for a stylish, comfortable, and reliable shoe that can keep up with busy schedules, the Nike Women’s Air Max 270 is a great bet. Plus, it comes in an array of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect pair for you!

Product Features

  • Slip-on design with elastic strap for extra support
  • Personalized upper provides individualized fit and feel
  • Rubber sole ensures traction and durability
  • Air cushioning in the heel reduces fatigue
  • Pulse design lines add eye-catching detail
  • Available in an array of colors and sizes

Nike Women’s Shox Enigma Sneaker


Why We Love Them

The Nike Shox Enigma Sneaker is a great choice for those seeking comfort and style.

The upper of the sneaker features a mesh material that is lightweight yet durable, providing superior ventilation as well as cushioning against impacts. The midsole features innovative Nike Shox technology to provide maximum shock absorption and responsiveness,

When it comes to picking a great pair of nursing shoes, impact absorption, secure fit, and flexibility are fundamental aspects to consider.

The Nike Women’s Shox Enigma Sneaker is a comfortable and shock-absorbing Nike nursing shoe for anyone who spends 12+ hours daily on their feet.

Product Features

  • Comes in different colors (including white!)
  • Synthetic and mesh
  • Flexible shoes with an expandable outsole to allow your foot to move naturally
  • Breathable fabric in the forefoot and internal sleeve helps keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Supportive fit: durable, lightweight cables provide support and secure fit
  • Soft, responsive Lunarlon cushioning helps absorb impact.
  • Offered in several colors

Nike Women’s Free Metcon 2 Training Shoe


Why We Love Them

This shoe is excellent for the cross-fit type of workout, which is why they also make a great nursing shoe. They provide a level of balance and sturdiness that many other shoes do not. A stable heel and flexible forefoot make moving in many directions much more accessible.

The internal sleeve helps keep your feet cool and dry, while the lightweight cables provide a supportive fit. Soft and responsive cushioning helps absorb impact, making it perfect for long shifts on the job. These shoes come in several colors, so you can find one that suits your style perfectly!

Product Features

  • A Midfoot cage locks your foot in place without restricting movement.
  • Rubber wraps up the sides to help resist abrasion during rope climbs
  • The foam midsole has a firmer foam carrier for comfortable cushioning where you need it and stability for heavy weightlifting.
  • Deep grooves along the outsole allow the shoe to flex and expand in every direction for a lightweight feel as you train.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes


Why We Love Them

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes have great cushioning and are often worn by runners training for and running in marathons. They have great cushion and arch support without being too heavy.

Also, the cushion provides additional support for the knees and ankles. That is why these shoes are also great for nurses who often walk 15,000-20,000 steps or more in a single shift. There are over 25 other great colors to choose from.

Product Features

  • The full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
  • The slimmer design offers a sleek, comfortable, conforming fit.
  • Cushlon ST foam provides firm yet responsive cushioning.
  • High-resiliency sock liner adapts to your foot for support.
  • Available in several colors

How Were The Nike Air Zoom Shoes Designed For Nurses, By Nurses?

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was designed with the input of medical professionals, including nurses, to create a shoe that meets the unique needs and challenges of healthcare workers.

Here are some ways that nurses played a role in the design process:

Feedback and insights: Nike’s design team worked closely with nurses to understand their needs and challenges, gathering feedback and insights to inform the design of the shoe.

Testing and evaluation: Nike conducted extensive testing and evaluation of the shoe with medical professionals, including nurses, to ensure that it met their needs and provided the necessary comfort and support for long shifts.

Collaborative design: Nurses were involved in the design process, working with Nike’s design team to provide input and feedback on key features, such as the slip-resistant sole, heel strap, and cushioning system.

Focus on functionality: The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was designed with a focus on functionality, with features that are specifically tailored to the demands of the healthcare industry, including slip resistance, ease of cleaning, and ample cushioning.

Overall, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse was designed in collaboration with medical professionals, including nurses, to create a shoe that meets the specific needs and challenges of healthcare workers. The involvement of nurses in the design process ensured that the shoe provided the necessary comfort, support, and functionality for long shifts in a healthcare setting.

Nurse working

Nurses spend many hours a day on their feet.

What Makes a Great Nursing Shoe?

A great nursing shoe is one that provides comfort, support, durability, and functionality for healthcare professionals who spend long hours on their feet. Here are some features to look for in a great nursing shoe:

Comfort: A great nursing shoe should provide ample cushioning and support to reduce foot fatigue and prevent injury.

Arch support: The shoe should have good arch support to help maintain proper foot alignment and reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis.

Slip-resistant soles: Slip-resistant soles are important to prevent slips and falls on wet or slippery surfaces commonly found in healthcare settings.

Breathable materials: Shoes made with breathable materials help to keep feet cool and dry during long shifts.

Easy to clean: Healthcare workers often work in messy environments, so shoes that are easy to clean and maintain are important.

Lightweight and flexible: Shoes that are lightweight and flexible can help reduce foot and leg fatigue and allow for ease of movement.

Roomy toe box: A roomy toe box can prevent blisters and calluses and allow for proper foot movement.

Durable: A nursing shoe should be durable enough to withstand the demands of the job and last for an extended period of time.

Overall, a great nursing shoe should be designed with the specific needs of healthcare professionals in mind, and provide comfort, support, durability, and functionality for long hours on the job.

Take care of your feet, nurses!

Nikes For Nurses Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sneakers do nurses wear?

Nurses tend to wear sneakers that are comfortable, supportive, and durable. They often look for shoes with features such as slip-resistant soles, breathable materials, and ample cushioning.

Sneakers with a slip-on design are also popular, as they are easy to take on and off.

What brands of shoes do nurses wear?

In addition to Nike, some other popular shoe brands for nurses include Skechers, Dansko, Crocs, and New Balance. Each of these brands offers a range of shoes that are designed specifically for healthcare professionals and are known for their comfort, support, and durability.

Can I wear Air Max as a nurse?

While Air Max shoes are not specifically designed for nurses, they can be worn by healthcare professionals as long as they meet the required safety and comfort standards. It is important to look for shoes that offer slip-resistant soles, ample cushioning, and support for all-day wear.

Are running shoes best for nurses?

While running shoes can be comfortable and supportive, they are not always the best choice for nurses. Running shoes are designed for forward motion and may not provide the lateral support needed for the constant movement and changing direction required of nurses. Shoes specifically designed for healthcare professionals are often a better choice.

Why do nurses wear white sneakers?

Nurses traditionally wore white sneakers as part of their uniform, as they were seen as a symbol of cleanliness and sterility. While some hospitals and healthcare facilities still require white sneakers, many have relaxed their dress codes and now allow nurses to wear sneakers in a variety of colors and styles.

Best Nike Shoes for Nurses Advice

So what are the best Nikes for nurses? The answer may vary from person to person, but we’ve tried to provide a variety of the best options for you to choose from based on reading tons of reviews.

All you have to do is just tap the button for more information and to check the price. Thanks for stopping by!

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12 Nurse Essentials I Can’t Live Without!

12 Nurse Essentials I Can’t Live Without!

12 Nurse Essentials I Can’t Live Without (Updated for 2023)

*This post contains affiliate links.  Updated from original post on 5/7/19

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, where the stakes are high and challenges abound, every nurse strives to maintain their edge. I am a registered nurse who has worked in several departments in the hospital setting, taking care of ER, Med Surg, and ICU patients.  As a result, I have seen it all and then some!

I wrote this article a while back, and I was so excited to unveil a compilation of my all-time favorite nurse essentials. These were the secret weapons that empowered me to conquer each day, no matter what it threw my way.

So, whether you’re a seasoned nurse wanting to revitalize your arsenal or a student nurse just trying to figure out what you need, this may be a great read for you. Thanks for reading!

Hospital corridor and nurse's station

12 Nurse Essentials I Can’t Live Without


#1.  Littman Stethoscope


Why I Love This

I bought a 3M Littmann Classic in nursing school, and I have been using it ever since.  They are available in many different colors and have a “non-chill” rim, so you don’t shock your patients with a cold stethoscope.

Whether you are trying to obtain a manual blood pressure or listening to lung sounds, every nurse needs to have a stethoscope.

#2.  Koala-Qlip Stethoscope holder


Why I Love This

Keeping your stethoscope around your neck can get in the way sometimes.  I love the Koala-Qlip stethoscope holder because it attaches firmly to my scrubs, and takes the weight of the stethoscope off my neck.

#3.  Nike Running Shoes



Why I Love These

Nikes are my favorite shoes to wear for 12-hour shifts when I know I’m going to be on my feet all day long.  Wearing sturdy, no-slip shoes that help cushion your feet during 12-hour shifts is an absolute must!

#4.  Compression Socks


♥ Over 70,000 global reviews – 4.5 out of five stars


Why I Love These

Compression stockings are often overlooked as a way to prevent some of the chronic issues that come from working in a profession where you are on your feet for such long hours.

Wearing compression socks helps to prevent varicose veins, improve venous blood flow, decrease the risk of blood clots, and decrease swelling of the ankles and feet.  I have found that compression socks with 20-30mmHg are the right compression strength for me as a nurse.

These compression socks are available in a multicolor combo of your choice, allowing you to wear a different color each day without needing to wash them daily.

#5. Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch


♥ Over 42,000 global reviews – 4.9 out of 5 stars!

 Why I Love It

The Apple Watch Series 8 can help you understand your health better with its fancy sensors. It has a cool display that’s always on and comes in different sizes and materials. You can check your blood oxygen levels, heartbeat, and sleep stages with it.

It works with your other Apple devices too, like unlocking your computer and paying for things. Just remember, you need an iPhone 8 or later to use it. It’s tough with strong glass, dust resistance, and water resistance.

#6. Adar Long Sleeve Underscrub for Women (3 Pack)


♥ Over 9,300 global reviews – 4.4 out of five stars

Why I Love These

These under scrubs come in packs of three in a variety of different colors.This shirt is made of a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it’s not too heavy and it’s easy to clean.

It’s a Classic Fit, which means it looks good on lots of different body shapes. The shirt has Long Sleeves and is Knitted, which makes it comfy to wear. You won’t feel any itchiness from a tag because it doesn’t have one.

#7. YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler


♥ Over 147,000 global reviews – 4.8 out of five stars

Why I Love It

This cup keeps your drink hot or cold because of its double-wall insulation. It also has a special lid with magnets to hold your drink in place (but it might still spill if you tip it over). The colored cups won’t lose their color, and it fits in most cup holders. It’s about 7 inches tall and has a 3 1/2-inch opening.

#8.  Hydro Flask Water Bottle


♥ Over 42,300 global reviews – 4.7 out of five stars

Why I Love This Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle is a high-quality water bottle that can be used for many years and still looks brand new.  It is made out of food-grade stainless steel and is BPA-free.  Also, it has excellent insulation, which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle.

Nurses often forget to drink enough water during busy 12-hour shifts, but having this water bottle helps me stay hydrated.

#16. Lovevook Laptop Backpack


♥ Over 38,000 global reviews – 4.7 out of 5 stars

Why I Love It

It is a high-quality backpack I can use for work and it also has a compartment for my laptop. And it has a ton of compartments!

#10.  Nurse Lunch Bag



Why I Love This

Making my lunch every day has several benefits.  I eat healthier, I don’t reach for junk that is in the break room because I pack my healthy snacks, and I save a lot of money.  I’m also a foodie, and hospital food just isn’t my cup of tea.  So I pack my lunch in my favorite lunch bag every evening before my shifts, and I’m good to go.

#11. Leatherman Raptor Shears


♥ Over 10,000 global reviews – 4.9 out of five stars!

Why I Love These

Many nurses I work with in the emergency room have the Raptor Shears and we use them frequently in emergency situations.  You can hook it to a belt or secure it using the pocket clip.  They also have a 25-year limited warranty and will last you throughout your nursing career or longer.

The Raptor Shears look like a fancy pair of scissors.  But these functional and handy shears are six tools wrapped into one:

  • Medical shears
  • Strap cutter
  • Ring cutter
  • Ruler
  • Oxygen tank wrench
  • Carbide glass breaker

#12. Retractable 4-Color Pens (Pack of 12)


♥ Over 570 global reviews – 4.8 out of 5 stars

Why I Love These

These retractable four-color pens are great in case you need something to stand out in your work notes.  Or use different colors for different patients when taking report.  These pens are also great for color-coding notes and flashcards for when you are studying for certifications!  I always have a few in my work bag and one on me while I am at work

Nurse Essentials Frequently Asked Questions

What should every nurse carry?

Every nurse should carry items such as pens, a notepad, a stethoscope, a watch with a second hand, alcohol wipes, and gloves.

What supplies does a new nurse need?

A new nurse may need supplies such as a stethoscope, scrubs, comfortable shoes, a watch with a second hand, a penlight, and a notepad.

What should a nurse have in her pocket?

A nurse should have items such as pens, a notepad, scissors, hemostats, a penlight, and alcohol wipes in their pocket.

Why do nurses need Sharpies?

Nurses need Sharpies to mark items such as surgical sites, medication containers, and lab specimens.

What is the easiest nursing job that pays well?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as what is considered easy and well-paying can vary based on personal preferences and geographical location. However, some nursing jobs that are generally considered to be less physically demanding include school nursing, telephone triage nursing, and case management.

What do you put in a goodie bag for nurses?

A goodie bag for nurses could include items such as healthy snacks, a reusable water bottle, a stress ball, hand lotion, lip balm, and a gift card to a coffee shop or restaurant. The contents of the bag can be personalized based on the individual nurse’s preferences and needs.

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Nike Air Zoom Pulse:  Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

A sports shoe designed with the needs of nurses in mind?

There are thousands of different types of shoes on the market designed for various athletes.

But until now, sports shoes didn’t exist for nurses.  (Even though the physicality required to be a nurse can be just as strenuous as any other athletic performance – but without the recognition).

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse is here and will be the first athletic performance shoe for medical professionals.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: NIke Shoes For Nurses and Other Medical Professionals

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: Nike Shoes For Nurses & Other Medical Professionals

Nursing is a sport of its own

It requires the same hustle, grit, and tenacity that many athletes are portrayed as having every single day in the media.  But its more than just sweat and tears – nurses are also saving lives and helping humankind in the process.

There are 3 million nurses in the United States – many struggle with chronic foot pain, back pain, and generalized pain as a result of the intensity of our careers. Primarily because, as nurses, we are on our feet for so many hours a day.

In fact, as an Emergency Room nurse, I am always standing and moving for 12 hours a shift.  And after only seven years in the profession, I am already struggling with chronic back and knee pain.

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes: occupational hazard prevention for nurses?

Nike says this shoe is for the everyday hero:  nurses, doctors, home health providers and other medical professionals who are working round-the-clock to provide patient care.

At first glance, the shoe appears to be a hybrid of a cross trainer and a clog – making it easy to slip on and off, but still sturdy like a tennis shoe.

They are lace-less, which most nurses can appreciate.  Working in the hospital setting means coming in contact with fluids and nasty germs – and shoelaces are impossible to get clean.

Also, Nike states on its website that the upper section of the shoes have a protective coating, which makes them easy to clean.

Working in the hospital setting can get slippery

It is no surprise that not wearing a slip-resistant nursing shoe is an occupational hazard for nurses. We are frequently walking around on hard and sometimes wet surfaces.  The floors are regularly being cleaned in between patients, and there are occasional spills that can sometimes result in unintended falls.

It happens so frequently that some facilities even pay for nurses to receive a new pair of nursing shoes every six months!  In turn, this helps protect nurses from injuries that could have otherwise resulted in an injury and disability from work.

The #1 feature of these shoes that caught my attention was how NIKE is promoting them to be especially slip-resistant on hard surfaces, such as hospital floors.  (I once slipped in a patients room and sprained my ankle when I was wearing running shoes that I had been wearing for only a month).

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: NIke Shoes For Nurses and Other Medical Professionals

The NIKE Air Zoom Pulse shoe: designed with medical professionals in mind and engineers even worked one-on-one with nurses in the hospital setting during development.

Product testing with nurses in a hospital

What I appreciate most about what I have read about this shoe is that it has been tested on actual medical professionals during working hours at a hospital.  All of their product testing was done at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital located in Portland, Oregon.  The NIKE Air Zoom Pulse designers worked with nurses in the healthcare environment to create a shoe that works for long stretches of standing and quick movement when emergencies strike.

Can a shoe be both comfortable for long stretches of standing and versatile enough to support the fast movements required in emergencies?  The NIKE website states that the Air Zoom Pulse shoes have the following features

  • Easy to get on and off
  • Super simple to clean
  • Have the right cushioning and traction to secure the foot in all hospital conditions
  • Slip-resistant “water dispersive traction”

Nike Air Zoom Pulse:  game-changer for the nurse athletes?

Time will tell how well these perform on nurses, but I am very interested in finding out.   The release date for the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is on December 6, 2019. It is perfectly timed for right before the holidays.

If you are a medical professional who has wear shoes in the workplace, please share your thoughts!

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