The Best Anatomy Coloring Books (2023)

The Best Anatomy Coloring Books (2023)

The Best Anatomy Coloring Books (2023)

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A few years ago, during the start of the COVID-19 shutdown in California, I found myself looking for more creative outlets at home. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I suddenly had to home-school my two and 4-year old children, or I had been suppressing the urge to start coloring, but I found myself doodling in my daughter’s anatomy coloring books almost as frequently as she was.

I first discovered anatomy coloring books as a nursing student many years ago.  At the time, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information I was expected to memorize.  I wasn’t sure why, but putting markers on paper helped me remember anatomy and physiology better than anything else could.

I later learned that coloring the body and its systems is the most effective way to study the structure and functions of human anatomy, according to research. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself coloring again. Coloring with crayons and markers is stress-relieving for me.  I am surprised that it took me so long to realize that.

How We Chose the Best Anatomy Coloring Books

We took a look at the various anatomy coloring books available and chose five that are great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. Our selection was based on how complete they were, with accurate illustrations, clear descriptions, and helpful tips. We wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone, no matter what their skill level was.

Most importantly, we considered the reviews of each book, and these are all rated very high!

We hope you find the perfect anatomy coloring book that fits your needs! Happy coloring!  🙂

6 Best Anatomy Coloring Books:

#1.  The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement


♥ Over 2,000 Ratings/5 out of 5 stars

Why We Love It

This fun mix of coloring book and instructional guide demystifies anatomy for the yoga enthusiast!  This book is great for yoga teachers learning anatomy used in all different yoga poses.

The creator of The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book is a yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, and anatomy teacher, Kelly. The workbook provides an entertaining and informative journey through the human body, focusing on the bones, joints, and muscles used in yoga.

Additional Info 

After an overview of helpful terms, Kelly covers the skeletal system, joints, and connective tissue, followed by the muscular system. Each anatomical feature is illustrated with a beautiful black-and-white drawing of a yoga posture, or asana, to color.

Coloring the bones and muscles, and their names, will help you to remember their location and function, and 32 perforated flashcards enable readers to quiz themselves and study yoga anatomy on the go.

#2.  Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book


♥ Over 2,600 global ratings/4.7 out of 5 stars!

Why We Love It

This anatomy coloring book features detailed illustrations of the body’s anatomical systems.  Plus, Color Guides on every 2-page spread offer instructions for the best coloring results so you can study effectively.

Additional Info 

This coloring book has the following:

  • More than 450 detailed, realistic medical illustrations, including microscopic views of cells and tissues
  • Exclusive perforated, flashcard-format illustrations of 96 muscle structures to color and study on-the-go
  • Clear, descriptive overview on the page opposite each picture, with key learning terms in boldface
  • Self-quizzing for each illustration, with convenient same-page answer keys
  • Full coverage of the major body systems, plus physiological information on cells, tissues, muscles, and development

#3.  The Human Body Coloring Book: The Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide


♥ Over 2,600 global ratings/4.7 out of 5 stars!

Why We Love It

The Human Body Coloring Book takes an interactive approach to human anatomy that will help users learn, understand, and revisit the subject with ease.

Drawing on an unparalleled library of state-of-the-art specialist anatomical illustrations, The Human Body Coloring Book is structured system by system for ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of the human body from cell to system.

Additional Info 

The Human Body Coloring Book is a unique study aid that provides students with an innovative approach to learning. At the same time, the opportunity to self-test maximizes the ability to recall knowledge.

#4.  The Princeton Review Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition


♥ 895 global ratings/4.7 out of 5 stars!

Why We Love It

Another great book that helps with a concise understanding of anatomy. Includes every body system.

Additional Info 

The Anatomy Coloring Workbook includes:

• 126 coloring plates with precise, easy-to-follow renderings of anatomical structures
• Comprehensive explanations of the pictured structures and anatomical concepts
• An introductory section on terminology to get you started and coloring suggestions to assist you
• A glossary of standard anatomical terms
• New injury & ailment appendices, with additional memorization techniques

#5.  Anatomy Student’s Self-Test Coloring Book


♥ Over 260 global ratings/4.5 out of 5 stars!

Why We Love It

This Student’s Self-Test Coloring Book includes hundreds of anatomically accurate line illustrations to help you learn the human body.

Coloring the anatomy systems helps you learn the shape and location of each body part, making it easier to visualize, retain the information.

Additional Info 

In addition to clear explanations and instructive content, it features

  • New to this edition: Clinical points text boxes to illustrate the medical significance of the structure
  • 144 two-color pages that lie flat for easy coloring.
  • 16 new pages of text
  • Extra-heavy paper that minimizes show-through
  • Includes every body system and part
  • All parts labeled with correct anatomical names


What Makes a Great Anatomy Coloring Book?

A great anatomy coloring book has every body system:

•  The Integumentary System
•  The Skeletal System
•  The Muscular System
•  The Nervous System
•  The Endocrine System
•  The Circulatory System
•  The Lymphatic System
•  The Digestive System
•  The Respiratory System
•  The Urinary System
•  The Reproductive System

By coloring each of the body systems, you can learn how the systems affect and work with one another.

Benefits of Coloring

Reduces stress and anxiety – coloring helps to relax the brain in a similar way that meditation can.  In fact, coloring can be a type of meditation in itself.  When you color, it forces you to be still and quiet, which can help generate mindfulness – especially after a stressful day of work, school, or parenting.

Improve focus – Coloring requires attention and allows you to live in the moment.

Improve sleep – Coloring is always better than looking at blue-light electronics like cell phones; it is also much better than browsing through social media, which can cause more stress and keep you awake at night.

Coloring a kidney will help you understand its anatomy and function.

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Colors and meanings

Since color impacts memory, it is important to know what different colors mean or symbolize.

  • Red: anger, passion, danger, vigor
  • Green:  money, eco-friendly, peace, environmentally friendly, jealousy, envy, fertility & healing
  • Blue:  peace, knowledge, cool/cold, trust
  • Black:  mourning, elegance, death, evil, negativity
  • Purple:  spirituality, royalty, wisdom, intelligence
  • Yellow:  clarity, intelligence, energy, freshness
  • Pink:   girly, romantic, feminine, playful
  • Orange:   warmth, joy, success, balance, freedom

Emotional and Psychological Meaning of Colors..


Frequently Asked Questions About Anatomy Coloring Books

Are anatomy coloring books useful?

Anatomy coloring books can be useful for learning anatomy and physiology as they allow learners to visualize and understand the structures of the human body through a hands-on approach. Coloring can also be a helpful tool for memorization and retention.

What happens when adults do coloring books?

Adults who do coloring books may experience a sense of relaxation and stress relief. (1) Coloring can also stimulate creativity and improve focus and concentration. (2)

Why are coloring books for adults so popular?

Coloring books for adults have become popular as a form of relaxation and stress relief. They allow adults to engage in a meditative activity that can help reduce anxiety and promote mindfulness. (3)

Does coloring help brain function?

Coloring can stimulate brain function by improving focus and concentration, promoting relaxation, and increasing mindfulness. (4)

What color best stimulates the brain?

There is no one color that best stimulates the brain. However, studies have shown that bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow can stimulate the brain and promote feelings of energy and excitement. (5)

What is the most relaxing color for the brain?

The most relaxing color for the brain can vary from person to person, but studies have shown that green can promote relaxation and reduce stress. (6)

Best Anatomy Coloring Books Advice

Any of the anatomy coloring books on this list are very detailed and helpful for learning.  Or, if you just need a coloring outlet to relieve stress that also allows you to learn something new, any of these works perfectly.

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