7 Essential Items Your Nanny Needs From You

7 Essential Items Your Nanny Needs From You

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Going back to work after maternity leave comes to an end can be a daunting, emotional experience.  Just when you have gotten used to spending day after day bonding with your baby and developing a routine – just like that – you have to go back to work.  Much of the time, many moms aren’t even getting close to a decent night’s sleep, and what they do get is usually fragmented and interrupted at best.

It is hard to trust another person to come into your home and take care of your precious baby.  After all, you know how to care for your child best, where the diapers are,  when they need to eat, what to feed them, where and what time they sleep, and what their favorite snuggle blanket is.  Going back to work is hard, but leaving your baby in the hands of others is so much harder.

The only thing you can do it prepare the best that you can (and remember, it’s probably way harder for you then it is for them!).

Here is the list of essential items your nanny needs from you:

1.  Nasal Aspirator

Moms know that nasal aspirators are a great tool to unplug the baby’s tiny nasal passages.  And nanny’s need to have one available so they too can unplug stuffy noses when mom isn’t there.    Because the infant’s nasal passages are so small, having a stuffy nose affects their ability to breathe, eat, and sleep, which makes the nasal aspirator an especially critical need for the nanny.


2.  First Aid Kit

Having a First Aid Kit available for the nanny is a no-brainer.  Because you just never know if or when an accident might occur.  Also, let your child’s caregiver know that it is 100% OK for them to call 911 if there is any concern for your child’s safety.    It is always better to be safe than sorry.



3.  Baby Thermometer

Despite what many caregivers think, you cannot measure a baby’s temperature by feeling their forehead or skin.  You need a digital thermometer to accurately measure a bay’s temperature to know whether or not they have a fever.   An easy thermometer like this one makes it simple for the nanny or caregiver to assess the baby’s temperature correctly.



4.  Diaper Bag

Initially, I didn’t realize that our nanny depended on having a diaper bag as much as I did!  But it makes perfect sense as they need all of the items inside to take care of our child when we were not there:  diapers, diaper cream, wipes, extra clothes, sunscreen, set of spare keys, baby toys, etc.

Our nanny used our diaper bag when we were not there and took it where ever she went with the baby – for a walk or to the park.  This is the exact diaper bag that we have been using for years, and it is still in perfect condition, even considering how much wear-and-tear we put on it.



5.  List Of Important Numbers

This is peace of mind at your caregiver’s fingertips.  Make sure your child’s caregiver has important numbers they might need in an emergency so they can notify your doctor, pediatrician, or veterinarian in seconds. 

This card includes areas to write your police, fire, doctor, pediatrician, pharmacy, utility companies, your address & phone numbers, emergency contact names, and phone numbers, and an area to write other relevant information.



6.  Bottle Schedule/Sleep Schedule/Poop Schedule

Who knew that establishing a good eat, sleep, and poop schedule could be so important?  Since your child’s caregiver probably doesn’t spend as much time with your baby as you do, they need a guideline for what your baby does on a routine basis.

Also, it is written documentation for you as well, so you know what happened with your baby when you get back home.  We used this exact baby journal for the first ten months of both of our children’s lives, and it was so helpful!


7.  Hidden Key Access

If you have a secret key outside of your house, then it would be wise to show your nanny where it is!  We didn’t show out nanny exactly where we hid our spare outside – and on the one single occasion that she locked the keys inside-  she was unable to find (resulting in my husband having to leave work and let her in).  One thing I have learned is that it is important to have at least one backup plan in place.  And that includes having a spare key that our nanny has access to.



Are there anything other essential items that you would add to this list?  Please leave a comment below!

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