5 Best Trauma Shears For Nurses (in 2021)

5 Best Trauma Shears For Nurses (in 2021)

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As a registered nurse who has worked all over the hospital taking care of emergency room, ICU, and telemetry patients,  I have seen it all and then some.  And I still see new things that shock me every day. This is why it is so important to be prepared with the right nurse supplies you need to be able to perform at your best.  And that includes having a quality pair of bandage scissors or trauma shears with you at all times.

I purchased a pair of cheaper white bandage scissors in nursing school and used them for my first few years as a neuroscience and stroke nurse.  They came in handy while removing IV’s, changing dressings on wounds, and opening difficult packaging.

A few years later, I invested in a good pair of trauma shears when I became an emergency room nurse.  Dull shears are not good in an emergency, and I wanted a great, non-disposable pair that performed well, especially while treating trauma patients.

The Best Trauma Shears And Bandage Scissors For Nurses 2019

Best Trauma Shears and Bandage Scissors For Nurses In 2021

Trauma shears vs. bandage scissors

Trauma shears are a type of scissors used by emergency medical personal such as ER nurses and first responders to quickly and safely cut clothing from injured people.

Trauma shear construction and durability enables them to cut through strong materials such as seat belts, leather, jeans, and even thin metal.  Also, the wide, blunt tip on the shears is designed to slide across the skin, minimizing the risk of injuring the patient while cutting clothing.   Trauma shears can also be used to cut bandages or open difficult packaging and come in handy during 12-hour shifts.

They usually consist of a handle with a metal blade, which is traditionally bent at about 150 degrees. This “lever arm” gives them an unusual appearance as compared to ordinary scissors.

Bandage scissors, otherwise known as bandage forceps, are very similar to trauma shears in that they are used for cutting.  They are generally slightly less “hefty” then trauma shears; however, they are still very durable, and a good quality pair can be used for many years of service.

Bandage scissors also come with a blunt tip on the bottom blade, which helps in cutting bandages without gouging the skin.  The blunt tip design of the scissor prevents accidental injury while making bandage removal very easy,


Trauma shears and bandage scissors can range widely in price.  The costs can range from 15$ for an inexpensive pair of bandage shears to over $100 for a pair of engraved Raptor Shears.  In general bandage scissors cost less than trauma shears because trauma shears are more durable and have more functionality.

The best trauma shears & bandage scissors for nurses:


#1.  Raptor Shears


Many nurses I work within the emergency room have the Raptor Shears, and we use them frequently in emergencies.  You can hook it to a belt or secure it using the pocket clip.    Also, the Raptor Shears have a 25-year limited warranty and will last through an entire medical career or longer.  This is a fantastic gift for new medical graduates.

These functional and handy shears are 6 tools wrapped into one:

  • Medical shears
  • Strap cutter
  • Ring cutter
  • Ruler
  • Oxygen tank wrench
  • Carbide glass breaker

More about the Raptor Shears:

  • Ready for anything: The Raptor features the necessary tools for medical professionals to handle emergency situations, as mentioned above. 
  • More functionality: The Raptor is equipped with six tools, including folding medical shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench, and a carbide glass breaker.
  • Simple and secure: The specially-designed sheath allows you to carry your Raptor open or closed so you’re always prepared. 
  • Pocket clip: No belt on your scrubs? The pocket clip ensures it’ll never leave your side. Alternatively, attach your Raptor with the integrated lanyard hole.
  • They come with a 25-year warranty and are made in the USA.


#2.  Leatherman Raptor with Personalized Engraving


This tool has all the same features as the regular Raptor Shears, but these can be engraved to make an extra special personalized gift for medical professionals.   Therefore, these make a fantastic gift for graduates, groomsmen or bridesmaids, and gifts for first responders, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals.

Here are a few features of the Leatherman Raptor Shears with Personalized engraving:

  • Free personalization for groomsman, graduation, and gifts. 
  • A fantastic gift for any health care professional or 1st responder.
  • Free engraving. Letters and numbers only.
  • Engraved items are not returnable.


#3.  XShear 7.5” Black Titanium Trauma Shears



The XShear titanium trauma shears are great for a paramedic, EMT, Nurse, or any other medical provider.  These are weighty, perform well over time, and are non-disposable.

A few features of the XSHEAR trauma shears (per the manufacturer):

  • Twice as thick as most trauma scissors and sharpened to a razor-sharp edge.
  • Black Titanium coating for sleek all-black appearance and superior durability.
  • Serrated lower blade for an added grip of material and exceptional cutting performance.
  • Durable plastic with slip-resistant, soft-touch inner rings.
  • Extra sturdy center bolt designed to not loosen over time.
  • Patented design features a curved tip and edge that is gentle for cutting near the skin.


#4.  Madison Supply Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors


I wanted to include a few less expensive options on this list.  These trauma shears are a more affordable option as they are not titanium strength and do not have as many features as titanium shears.  However, they are durable and will perform over time for basic and practical purposes.

About this product:

  • 1-pack of black-handled, autoclavable, EMT Shears.
  • Fluoride-coated non-stick surface.
  • 7.5-inch long trauma shears.
  • Sharp edge and milled serrations for cutting.
  • Durable,high-impact plastic handles and stainless steel blades, premium quality, long-life medical scissors.

#5.  Fluoride Coated EMT Trauma Shears With Carabiner




What I like about these trauma shears is that they have a carabiner that can easily be clipped to your waist and be within reach at all times.  As a result, it makes it much easier to keep handy.

More about this product:

  • Cuts fast and safely with professional-grade medical scissors.
  • Carabiner feature – the steel-reinforced carabiner can be easily clipped onto your waist and be within reach at all times.
  • Durable construction – surgical grade stainless steel
  • Available in black, blue, red and neon pink, and black.



Runs With Trauma Shears T-Shirt


This is a funny shirt if you do have to run with trauma shears!  (As many ER nurses and other first responders do).  This shirt comes in men’s and women’s sizes in 5 different colors.  When paired with a great set of trauma shears, this combo would make such an excellent gift for a first responder, MD, nurse, or new graduate!



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