Alternative Medicine:  Unique Careers Within Nursing

Alternative Medicine: Unique Careers Within Nursing

Do you currently work as a nurse and have been thinking of a career change? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring nurse looking for an unusual avenue? Here are a few unique careers to consider within in the field of nursing.

Work on a cruise ship

Many modern cruise ships are able to accommodate thousands of passengers. When out at sea, access to a hospital is limited, which is why it’s essential to have nursing staff on these ships. Getting into this role can be challenging as positions can be very competitive – while cruise ship nursing can be tough due to the variety of patient problems and limited facilities, you get the benefit of being able to spend your days off seeing the world, as well as taking advantage of the cruise ship facilities. It’s the ideal job for people that want to travel and are young with no commitments.  Sites such as this one can help you to find cruise ship vacancies.

Work for an air ambulance

Air evac teams are pretty much paramedics of the skies – it’s their job to rescue people from remote locations who are injured and bring them to a nearby hospital or clinic. A medical background can be great when trying to get into this niche career. There are various air evac companies and it’s worth doing your research to find the best ones by reading air evac testimonials and reviews. An accident and emergency background can sometimes be better suited for this role.  

Work in the military

Nurses are also needed in the military to look after soldiers suffering injuries, sickness or mental health problems. This is an expectedly high-pressure job, but it can allow you to see the world and feel as if you’re serving your country. You’ll often need to do some military training on top of being trained as a nurse. There are military nursing courses that you can take if you’ve not yet got a nursing qualification.

Become a home nurse

If the above jobs are all a bit too wild for your tastes, you could always consider becoming a home nurse. Many patients that choose to stay at home need 24 hour care and this requires qualified medical nurses to take shifts monitoring them at home. Many people that want a break from the fast paced environment of a hospital pursue this avenue, although if you’re working for a company you may find that you’re having to attend to multiple patients every day, every week.

Become a legal nurse

Legal nurses are required to help with legal cases where the opinion of a medical expert may be needed. This could include helping to interpret data to be used for injury claims or helping to defend against claims of medical malpractice. On top of having a nursing qualification, you may also need to take certain legal training to pursue this role.

Have you considered any of these exciting and unique careers within nursing?  Please leave a comment below!