Top Skills Needed For Effective Nurse Managers

Top Skills Needed For Effective Nurse Managers

Effective nurse manager skills are the glue that keeps the nursing unit operating smoothly, effectively, and as professionally as possible. 

A good nurse manager must have strong communication skills, and know-how to assemble a well-balanced and positive team of staff.   Managing a team of nurses can be a challenge.  Strong leadership skills are crucial.

What does a nurse manager do?

Some of the tasks that nurse managers have on a day to day basis include hiring new nurses, handling nurse retention, managing a unit budget, making sure the unit complies with optimum nursing standards and practices, stepping up to help nurses with stressful situations, and even talking to families of patients when needed.

Nurse manager positions are an in-demand position,on and with good reason – they are compensated well. It’s an industry that’s expected to bloom in the coming years.   This is one reason why nurse managers can look for work all over the country.

How much do nurse managers make?

A nurse manager’s salary can vary depending on their demographic location as well as what specialty they work in The average nurse manager salary in the United States is $94,500 per year or $45.43 per hour.

There will be room for more nurse managers within the next few years.  Health and medical service manager jobs are expected to grow by 17% from 2014- 2024

If you would like to know more about the nurse manager skills needed to be effective in the workplace, then take a look at the infographic below.

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