Positive Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Good Behavior
September 11, 2020
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Are you tired of the temper tantrums or attitude that your child is giving you? We have all been there! But as a parent, there are ways to proactive and help change the environment for the better. Here are a few positive ways to encourage your child’s good behavior.

Be a Positive Role Model

Whether you believe it or not, your child idolizes you. They watch your every move and emotion and they learn from it. If you aren’t actively aware of that, you are going to find yourself not being a positive role model. Being actively aware of the fact that you are a role model and doing your best to stay positive will have a positive influence on your child.

If you are happy and have a smile on your face, it is going to be difficult for your child to not have a smile on their face too!

Pick Your Battles

Not everything has to be a fight or even a learning moment. Pick and choose what scenarios and situations warrant a lesson or a teaching moment, but also pick the moments that could be ignored or passed. By doing this you open the floor for finding more moments to be positive and share encouraging thoughts.

I mean, who likes to yell and punish all the time anyway? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t either. Instead, congratulate your child for doing something well or boost their confidence by telling them they are good at something. Also, consider how exactly you punish your children. Maybe time out isn’t the best way to reinforce good behavior. Trust me, this consideration makes all the difference.

Share and Show Your Emotions

If you share your emotions, your child is going to be more likely to do so as well. If for whatever reason your child is acting out and their behavior is not good – communicate with them. Share your feelings of frustration about how they are acting and see what information they can give back to you. The hope behind this is that you can combat negative feelings and find ways to focus on the positives to encourage good behavior.

You never want your child to feel like they are not heard. By actively listening to your child and being apparent and present in the conversation, you are creating a positive place for encouragement.

Did You Pinky Promise?

Keep your promises. Breaking these no matter what age can be hurtful and can result in negative or bad behavior. Not only does keeping promises show that your word is good for something, but it also serves as an incentive that can be used to encourage good behavior. Want your child to keep their room clean? Promise them that they will get ice cream over the weekend if they do so.

Not everything has to be a fight when you are a parent. Follow a few of these positive ways to encourage your child’s good behavior to lighten up the mood for everybody!

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