Popular Charities Your Family Can Donate To
December 21, 2020
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The current ongoing pandemic has left many people on uncertain footing, unsure of what tomorrow might bring. In times like these, it’s important to offer support if your family has the resources to comfortably do so, whether you’re able to give money or donate goods like food, clothing, or other valuable items. Below are some popular charities your family can donate to help others in need.

Better World Books

Better World Books offers families the opportunity to donate old books for redistribution, giving other children the chance to enjoy the stories your children loved for so many years. It is also a unique way to involve your children in the process of donation, teaching them lessons of giving and empathy.

Doctors Without Borders

As the name suggests, Doctors Without Borders is an international endeavor to bring urgent medical aid to those who need it the most. Bringing care to people without access to prompt medical attention or modern medicine, DWB is an independent organization that goes wherever there is a need for their services. They have no obligation but to the people they treat.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

In more than 60 countries, RMHC provides living accommodations to families who have children in the hospital undergoing treatment. Easing the burden of distance, travel expenses, and living arrangements, RMHC keeps families together during some of the most challenging struggles they might go through.

American Red Cross

Accepting monetary donations, clothing donations, and even blood donations, the American Red Cross is an international organization that helps those in times of disaster. They bring aid to people and populations in desperate need and support the local industries of struggling regions through direct donations.

These are just some popular charities that your family can donate to. There are many more—too many to mention—that are engaged in life-changing endeavors. Conduct your own research to find which charities you want to give your time, attention, and donations to.

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