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Hello!  I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you are visiting me here at my blog.  When I started Mother Nurse Love I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I knew I needed some sort of outlet for the overwhelming exhaustion and burnout I was feeling as a registered nurse and new mom.  My goal was to find more effective ways to take better care of myself and make my life a little easier. By researching and writing about my experiences, it helped me find new solutions to help me live a happier, healthier life – both at work and home.  

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Latest on the Blog!

Latest on the Blog

Nike Air Zoom Pulse:  Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

There are 3 million nurses in the United States who are struggling with chronic foot and back pain as a result of the intensity of our careers.  It is largely due to the fact that, as nurses, we are on our feet for so many hours a day. Can a pair of NIKE's help nurses prevent occupational injuries and help us to give better patient care? Here is what we know so far about this shoe that was designed for medical professionals.
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14 Best NEW Nurse Bloggers & Influencers In 2020

14 Best NEW Nurse Bloggers & Influencers In 2020

Many of the best nurse bloggers I follow these days aren't always necessarily writing about nursing, or even healthcare for that matter.  They have there own unique brands and personalities - and many intertwine both their personal and professional lives within their online businesses. Here are the best NEW nurse bloggers and influencers for 2020.
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