How To Keep Your Children Safe During Winter
November 12, 2020
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The best parts of winter are often the coldest: building snowpeople, ice skating, sledding, and engaging in snowball fights. Helping your kids stay warm amid these frigid activities can be a challenge.

Here is how to keep your children safe during winter:

Use layers

Layering is an essential winter warmth tactic. However, there’s more to it than simply putting three shirts on your child. When layering, think about the thickness of each item and how it’ll enable or restrain your child’s mobility. Factor in the style and coloring as well if you plan on taking some fun winter photos. Also, be sure to choose a warm winter jacket for your children that can go on the outside of their outfits. With the right planning and practice, you can have a snug and safe outfit for your children’s adventures in no time!

Monitor time and temperature

Periodically check the time to know how long your kids have been outside, so you know when they ought to return inside. If your children’s ears, nose, or extremities become too cold, it may be time to find a spot to warm up. Whether they mention it to you or not, your kids can grow especially cold when playing outside. Be sure to monitor their temperature as the outing goes on and act as needed. If you plan on spending the entire day outdoors, bring along some hot cocoa or soup for them to warm up with.

Watch out for preventable health issues

The winter is host to all kinds of colds and cases of flu. So, be careful with your children’s exposure to the elements and other children who are visibly sick. Think about taking the whole family to get flu shots and guard everyone against catching a bad case of influenza. When outside, especially if it’s frigid, you should watch for numbing and other signs of hypothermia. Besides knowing what symptoms to watch for such as coughing, runny nose, and shivering, consider teaching your children how to stay healthy themselves. Help them use soap and water to wash their hands for the recommended twenty seconds. Show them how to cover their mouths when they sneeze and cough, so they don’t spread germs.

When you focus on health, your children are free to have fun out in winter’s wonderland. Use these tips and tricks for how to keep your children safe during winter and enjoy what the coldest months have to offer!

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