How To Increase Water Consumption for Children
February 5, 2021
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Sick and tired of fighting your kid to drink enough water? If your kid is active and on-the-go always, this might be a real struggle. For whatever reason—either they don’t like it, don’t make time to do it, or just get distracted—that needs to change. For a couple of tips and tricks on how to increase water consumption for children, continue reading the article below. It is our hope one of these tricks will help you make drinking water one of the favorite parts of your child’s day!

Purchase Them a Special Cup

Buying your kid their very own special drinking cup might be the only change that you need to make to increase your child’s water consumption. It is a simple and easy tip, but it can do the trick. If your child looks forward to using their favorite cup, they will also be looking forward to drinking what is in it. Make sure that you strictly keep water in this cup, straying away to other beverages will only deplete the purse of the special water cup.

Make It Tasty

There are numerous ways to make your water taste better. Whether you freeze your ice cube tray with fruit and add it to the water to make it delicious and cold, or you simply just add in a few flavor drops—it really can make all the difference. Trying out a few different options might help you narrow down what tasty option works the best for your kid.

Set up an Award System

Setting up an award system and showing recognition for working toward a goal is a great way to get your child to drink more water, and this teaches them an excellent life skill. Not only will this show them that when they work hard and take steps to achieve something that they will (sometimes) get recognized, but it will also increase their water intake. Just make sure to do this in moderation, considering you don’t want them to only drink water whenever you give them a sticker or a piece of candy.

While there are several other ways for how to increase water consumption for children, these three really will make a difference. Make it fun and get creative! Who knows, you might even try out some of these delicious and unique water consumption tricks for yourself.

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