How To Grow Closer As A Family
November 17, 2020
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If you’re a working mother, chances are you want to spend quality time with your family but often find yourself stretched too thin. Though there’s no magical solution that’ll give you an extra few hours in a day, there are ways to make the most of what you have.

Here are a few helpful ideas on how to grow closer as a family:

Talk about your family history

Your family is your unit of closest loved ones in the world. However, your family also encompasses the array of people extending throughout time. Who your family was has brought you to where you are today, so remember the great-great-greats that came before. If you neglect to discuss your family history, chances are your children won’t ask you about it. Family trees are important for children since they often don’t notice or question such heritage on their own. Remembering your ancestors and their stories might even bring your family closer than you think.

Set a weekly fun night

No matter how old your children are, they’ll love the idea of fun time set aside to play games or watch movies. Growing closer as a family happens quickly when sharing a positive experience and learning more about each other. If you play games together, you’ll quickly find opportunities to share old memories or laugh at comical situations.

Set a night every week when you won’t touch your work or be otherwise distracted. The point of a weekly fun night is to spend time together but in a consistent way. If you skip out on a family fun night, you may lose the determination to keep it in the future.

Intentionally communicate

Communication is key to the health of most relationships in life. Whether it’s a spouse or a child, your family relationships thrive when you interact with one another.

Intentionally communicate with your family throughout the day, sending them text messages, writing them notes in their lunchboxes, and stopping by unexpectedly once in a while. Increased contact increases closeness. When you talk with your family, be sure to express your feelings of love, affection, pride, and gratitude for them. Everyone thrives on upbuilding compliments and words of affirmation, especially your children.

Knowing how to grow closer as a family is one thing—doing it is quite another. Be relentless at finding quality time to spend with your family every day!

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