Chasing Joy: A Few Tips on How to Raise Happy Kids
June 8, 2020
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Chasing Joy: A Few Tips on How to Raise Happy Kids

Happiness is brought on by different things for different people. One thing that makes your friend happy may not make you happy. However, no matter who we are, we strive to find happiness. As mothers, we’re even more concerned about making sure our children are happy. Although there’s no exact science (happiness is different for everyone), there are certain things we can do to help ensure a joyful child. Here are some key tips we’ve found on how to raise happy kids. Check it out!

Make Sure You’re Happy Too

You probably didn’t realize that the best way to raise a happy child is by being happy yourself. Parenting often comes with sacrifices, but we must also know when we’re sacrificing too much. If we find ourselves unhappy because we haven’t made it to therapy or because we’re not getting enough sleep, then that’s something kids notice. When we decide to prioritize our happiness, then kids will do the same.

Remember, you can ask for help. You don’t have to do it all alone.

Teach Them to Build Relationships

Relationship building is also a key aspect of a happy individual. Most people know this. Where some people fall short, however, is believing that this is something their children will learn as they grow. Learning how to build relationships is actually something parents should actively teach. Explaining how kids should relate to others, suggesting small acts of kindness to build empathy, and even role-playing can help kids build and maintain relationships.

Delve Into Happy Habits

Happiness also comes from what we do. If our kids partake in activities that don’t excite them, then they won’t be as happy. Help your kids find the activities and hobbies that truly make them happy. The more interests they explore, the better chance they have of finding various activities that spur their creativity and ignite their happiness!

Get Them Outside

One of those happy habits should be outdoor play. There are so many reasons why kids need outdoor playtime and encouraging their happiness is a huge one. Outdoor play helps kids delve into their emotions, gives them essential vitamin D, helps build relationships, and spurs their creativity. All of those things are vital to happiness, and when we encourage outdoor play, we motivate the happiness of our kids.

Pay Attention to the Environment

Similarly, the environment we place our children in directly correlates to their happiness. Kids are happy outside, so let them go outside. Kids aren’t happy in a dark room with fighting in the background. The environment we place our children in plays a bigger role in their general happiness than we realize. A simple way to better control your child’s surroundings is less screen time. Let them pursue creativity without the glare of a TV screen.

These are just a few of the different ways to raise happy kids. The more aware we are of building an environment and relationship that delves into authentic happiness, the better!

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