How To Increase Water Consumption for Children

How To Increase Water Consumption for Children

Sick and tired of fighting your kid to drink enough water? If your kid is active and on-the-go always, this might be a real struggle. For whatever reason—either they don’t like it, don’t make time to do it, or just get distracted—that needs to change. For a couple of tips and tricks on how to increase water consumption for children, continue reading the article below. It is our hope one of these tricks will help you make drinking water one of the favorite parts of your child’s day!

Purchase Them a Special Cup

Buying your kid their very own special drinking cup might be the only change that you need to make to increase your child’s water consumption. It is a simple and easy tip, but it can do the trick. If your child looks forward to using their favorite cup, they will also be looking forward to drinking what is in it. Make sure that you strictly keep water in this cup, straying away to other beverages will only deplete the purse of the special water cup.

Make It Tasty

There are numerous ways to make your water taste better. Whether you freeze your ice cube tray with fruit and add it to the water to make it delicious and cold, or you simply just add in a few flavor drops—it really can make all the difference. Trying out a few different options might help you narrow down what tasty option works the best for your kid.

Set up an Award System

Setting up an award system and showing recognition for working toward a goal is a great way to get your child to drink more water, and this teaches them an excellent life skill. Not only will this show them that when they work hard and take steps to achieve something that they will (sometimes) get recognized, but it will also increase their water intake. Just make sure to do this in moderation, considering you don’t want them to only drink water whenever you give them a sticker or a piece of candy.

While there are several other ways for how to increase water consumption for children, these three really will make a difference. Make it fun and get creative! Who knows, you might even try out some of these delicious and unique water consumption tricks for yourself.

Important Hormones in the Body You Should Know

Important Hormones in the Body You Should Know

Many different hormones control the human body. These hormones can dictate how we act and look based on if we have too much of one or too little of another. There are a few important hormones in the body you should know about that commonly cause problems, and knowing what those symptoms look like will help you identify them faster.


A hormone in the body that regulates stress, cortisol is secreted from the adrenal gland. It increases a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. Too much cortisol in the system will negate its usual stress management benefits and turn them into health problems. A person’s blood pressure will increase, which can induce anxiety and cause ulcers to develop. Other symptoms of high cortisol include insomnia, acne, and fast weight gain.

Problems with high cortisol in the system can have a few causes, including issues in the pituitary gland, adrenal gland tumors, and estrogen in the bloodstream.


Known as the female sex hormone, estrogen is also present in male bodies. Estrogen is chiefly responsible for the development of female reproductive organs and menstruation. However, if there’s too much estrogen in the bloodstream, that can lead to rapid mood swings, depression, and fatigue; too little results in acne, hair loss, and a thinning of the skin.

Some known causes of reduced estrogen levels are excessive exercise, eating disorders, and Turner Syndrome. However, around the age of 40, women may naturally experience reduced levels of estrogen due to the onset of menopause.


The dominant male sex hormone, which can also be found in women, testosterone develops the male reproductive organs. It also motivates the growth of muscle mass, bone density, and body hair. A lack of testosterone in the system can lead to thinner muscle mass and a frail bone structure. Further symptoms include fatigue, a lowered sex drive, and increased body fat, and it may even lead to infertility.

A few common problems that result in a decrease in testosterone are alcohol abuse, obesity, and injuries that interfere with blood flow to the testes. Lowered levels of testosterone can also occur through aging; the body will simply stop producing as much over time.


One of the most important hormones in the body you should know, serotonin is a common cause of issues with depression. Serotonin regulates anxiety levels, mood, and sleep. A decrease in serotonin can result in a decrease in mental health, leading to depression and anxiety. It can also affect sleep, as serotonin is the main cause of falling asleep and waking up in the morning.

The causes of low serotonin levels in the body aren’t entirely known. It’s believed that some people may just produce less of it or have less serotonin receptors to absorb the hormone.

Signs You Need To Drink More Water

Signs You Need To Drink More Water

Signs You Need To Drink More Water

Your body is an amazing thing. For example, it can tell you in a multitude of ways that you aren’t giving it enough water, outside of you just being thirsty. What exactly do we mean by this? Well, here are some simple signs that you need to drink more water. If you are experiencing any of these, please make sure to go fill up your glass!

Bad Breath

If you are dehydrated, no matter how much you brush your teeth, there is a chance you will have bad breath. This is because saliva keeps your mouth fresh by rinsing away odor-causing bacteria, so when you have dry mouth from not drinking enough water, it lets debris build up. The debris buildup will directly lead to bad breath. Nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to have bad breath—so keep hydrated!

Dry Skin

Bad breath is not the only sign of dehydration—so is dry skin! If your water intake isn’t what it should be, it can directly result in a layer of your skin not receiving the moisture that it needs. And don’t be fooled; even if your skin is oily, that does not mean that it is not dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is prone to breakouts and oil because it is trying to fix the lack of moisture issue that is occurring. Don’t just ignore stretch pores, fine lines, and flakiness of the skin. Instead, drink more water.


Nobody wants a migraine. Suffering from a migraine is awful and most of the time it can simply be fixed by drinking enough water. When you become dehydrated, your blood pressure drops. When your blood pressure drops, it reduces the vascular tone in your brain—which directly correlates to headaches. If you could simply eliminate migraines from your life by drinking enough water, why wouldn’t you?

None of these signs you need to drink more water are fun. They are irritating and frustrating. Don’t let this be the case. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Top Reasons To Travel with Kids

Top Reasons To Travel with Kids

Most parents think of vacationing with young kids as an unwanted hassle. After all, vacations are often a time for unwinding, and having the kids around doesn’t necessarily promote relaxation. However, leaving the kids at home means they could be missing out on vital experiences that will shape the rest of their lives. Below are just a few of the top reasons to travel with kids that you should consider next time you book a vacation.

It’s a Time To Learn

There’s no better way to learn about the history and the culture of a particular area than by visiting. Sure, textbooks are a great start, but experiencing it firsthand creates a lasting memory they can reflect on inside a classroom.

Travel Encourages Curiosity

Kids are some of the most curious creatures on Earth. A new location is the perfect place to unleash all that curiosity. Travel will incite all sorts of new questions and creativity from your child.

It Teaches Them About Bravery

From swimming in the ocean to ziplining, there are plenty of new and exciting activities for your child to try. These experiences teach your child that it’s okay to be nervous, but being brave and trying new things can be worth it.

They’ll Be More Adaptable

Staying in the same place won’t help your child adapt to all the unknowns of the world. The more time you guys spend traveling, the more opportunities your child will have to escape their bubble and become comfortable with the unexpected.

It Opens Their Minds

Being close-minded never did anyone any good, so why would you want your kids to be? Traveling shows your kids that there are far more ways of life than the one they’re living. You’re never too young to learn how to respect those living differently than you.

Allowing your kids to learn outside of the classroom and opening their minds to new opportunities are just a few of the top reasons to travel with kids. Whether you plan to fly to a new country or take a road trip to the coast, consider bringing your kids along, too.

Herbs and Spices That Fight the Flu

Herbs and Spices That Fight the Flu

Winter is here, and so is flu season. Getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu, but there are several other ways to avoid getting sick, including implementing certain herbs and spices into our diets. Here are a few examples of herbs and spices that fight the flu.


Cinnamon is great for fighting off the flu, and it’s the perfect warm and cozy flavor for the wintertime. Cinnamon contains potent antiviral and antibacterial properties to strengthen your immune system. Add a mixture of cinnamon and honey to a cup of tea for a soothing, healthy drink.


Ginger helps cure flu symptoms like upset stomach, dizziness, and cold sweats. Ginger root can also work as a cough suppressant, although the taste might not be as pleasant. Add ginger and lemon to a cup of tea, or add some ginger powder to one of your favorite recipes to reap the benefits.


Thyme is an excellent natural remedy for congestion. If you feel a cold or the flu coming on, brew a cup of thyme tea or boil the herbs and inhale the steam to loosen the mucus causing the congestion.

Star Anise

Star anise is a less traditional spice option, but it is very beneficial for flu prevention. This spice contains high quantities of vitamins A and C, which are extremely helpful in recovery and fighting infections in the body. Star anise is even a main ingredient in many cold and flu medicines. Instead of consuming it through unpleasant cough syrups, try adding it to a few recipes for a more flavorful way to get your vitamin intake.


While basil may seem like a summer herb, it can help reduce fevers and flu symptoms in the winter. To use basil for flu prevention, boil the basil leaves and add them to tea, water, or milk.

Flu prevention is vital in the winter season. Use these herbs and spices that fight off the flu for a natural defense this winter.

Popular Charities Your Family Can Donate To

Popular Charities Your Family Can Donate To

The current ongoing pandemic has left many people on uncertain footing, unsure of what tomorrow might bring. In times like these, it’s important to offer support if your family has the resources to comfortably do so, whether you’re able to give money or donate goods like food, clothing, or other valuable items. Below are some popular charities your family can donate to help others in need.

Better World Books

Better World Books offers families the opportunity to donate old books for redistribution, giving other children the chance to enjoy the stories your children loved for so many years. It is also a unique way to involve your children in the process of donation, teaching them lessons of giving and empathy.

Doctors Without Borders

As the name suggests, Doctors Without Borders is an international endeavor to bring urgent medical aid to those who need it the most. Bringing care to people without access to prompt medical attention or modern medicine, DWB is an independent organization that goes wherever there is a need for their services. They have no obligation but to the people they treat.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

In more than 60 countries, RMHC provides living accommodations to families who have children in the hospital undergoing treatment. Easing the burden of distance, travel expenses, and living arrangements, RMHC keeps families together during some of the most challenging struggles they might go through.

American Red Cross

Accepting monetary donations, clothing donations, and even blood donations, the American Red Cross is an international organization that helps those in times of disaster. They bring aid to people and populations in desperate need and support the local industries of struggling regions through direct donations.

These are just some popular charities that your family can donate to. There are many more—too many to mention—that are engaged in life-changing endeavors. Conduct your own research to find which charities you want to give your time, attention, and donations to.

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