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Top 21 Best Nurse Coffee Mugs

Coffee, anyone?  Yes, please. Since becoming a nurse and the mother of two amazing little humans, my caffeine...

5 Simple Steps For Laundry Room Safety

*This post is sponsored by the American Cleaning Institute to help parents understand how important it is to practice...

4 Reasons Why Nurses Should Drink Matcha Green Tea

(This post contains affiliate links.  You can find my disclosure page here.) The benefits of green tea have been...
How Fear Is Inspiring My Nursing Career

How Fear Is Inspiring My Nursing Career

I have a confessional to make.  My biggest nursing career fear is working for an hourly wage as a floor nurse forever. In order for me to make career decisions that will help me reach my fullest nursing career potential, I thought it was wise to revisit my career history. Read more to see how examining my career history and focusing in on my current priorities are helping me discover a new form of nursing practice.
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7 Energizing Yoga Poses For Nurses (With Photos!)

7 Energizing Yoga Poses For Nurses (With Photos!)

As nurses we must do the best we can to take care of ourselves (no one else at the hospital is going to do that for us).  This includes giving our bodies the rest, rejuvenation and tender love that we give to our patients each shift.  No more self-sacrificing attitudes! Here are 7 energizing pre-shift yoga poses to start your nursing shift off on the right foot!
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6 Best Nurse Pocket Organizers For Nursing Shifts

6 Best Nurse Pocket Organizers For Nursing Shifts

If you aren't using a nurse pocket organizer or medical utility bag to stay organized during nursing shifts then you need to check out this list. Nursing shifts can be insanely busy...  do you really want to keep making extra trips back to the supply closet or med room for things you keep forgetting? 
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