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Nike Air Zoom Pulse: Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

A sports shoe designed with the needs of nurses in mind? There are thousands of different types of shoes on the...

14 Best NEW Nurse Bloggers & Influencers In 2020

There are a whole lot of NEW nurse bloggers and influencers showing up in 2020. Many nurses are doing more then just...

3 Helpful Tips For Parents Working The Night Shift

*This post may contain affiliate links.  You can find our disclosure page here.   Written by Adela Ellis, RN, BSN...
Laundry Room Safety For Grandparents With Dementia

Laundry Room Safety For Grandparents With Dementia

Just like we baby-proof our homes to keep our kids safe, older adults with dementia need to be protected as well. Adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive disabilities can get confused easily and accidents can happen in an instant. Use these simple caregiver safety tips to keep the laundry room safe. Packets up!
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Should Men Get Paternity Leave From Work?

Should Men Get Paternity Leave From Work?

Paternity leave is a controversial subject.  But one study in Sweden has shown that taking paternity leave is actually good for mom's health. Here is one women's story about managing without paternity leave - as well as other arguments in support of how paternity leave is beneficial for children in the early years and beyond.
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