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While summer has come to an end, the long-term damage of bright, sunny days may still linger. If you spent most of...

What To Expect at Your First Ultrasound Appointment

As an expectant mother, heading to your first ultrasound can be exciting—but also nerve-wracking. You might have a lot...
Mindfulness Meditation for Nurses:  How Do I Start?

Mindfulness Meditation for Nurses: How Do I Start?

During the coronavirus pandemic, managing nurse stress has become more important now than ever before. COVID has brought with it extra hours on the job, required moves for some, and caused additional stress due to fears of contracting the virus at the workplace. The behind-the-scenes things nurses deal with bring levels of stress that most people cannot begin to relate to.

Fortunately, there are a few stress-relieving modalities that can be done quickly, and from almost anywhere (including a nurse’s break area).  One of the most important being mindfulness meditation. Read more here.

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