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Top Skills Needed For Effective Nurse Managers

Nurse managers are the glue that keeps the nursing unit operating smoothly, effectively, and as professionally as...

Here’s Why You Should Consider A Career In Nursing

Nurses are in demand more than ever.   So if you’re looking to change careers, here’s why you should consider a...

What Is A Nurse Technician? (& How It Can Help Your Nursing Career)

A nurse technician is another name for a certified nurse's assistant (CNA) or a nurse's aide.  Nurse technicians are...
35 Famous Nursing Quotes By Florence Nightingale

35 Famous Nursing Quotes By Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale helped pioneer the nursing profession as we know it today. One way to help us understand how and why she made many of the decisions that she made as a nurse is by reading through one of her many famous nursing quotes. Read on to hear about the thoughts and feelings that Nightingale had regarding healthcare and the nursing profession from 165 years ago.
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Nike Air Zoom Pulse:  Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

Nike Air Zoom Pulse: Nike Shoes For RN Athletes

There are 3 million nurses in the United States who are struggling with chronic foot and back pain as a result of the intensity of our careers.  It is largely due to the fact that, as nurses, we are on our feet for so many hours a day. Can a pair of NIKE's help nurses prevent occupational injuries and help us to give better patient care? Here is what we know so far about this shoe that was designed for medical professionals.
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