Best Care Tips for Post-Mastectomy Recovery

by | May 14, 2021 | Featured Content

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A mastectomy can be extremely challenging and painful. With the harsh reality of the situation, anyone navigating through this or aiding in someone’s recovery should educate themselves on the best healing protocols. Start learning here by reading our best care tips for post mastectomy recovery.

Get Plenty of Rest

Many people struggle with actually sitting still and relaxing. If this is you, you really need to force yourself to relax. It’s important because getting enough rest and relaxation will help aid your body through its healing process. Pushing yourself past your limit and exhausting your body during its healing time will only be a disadvantage to your recovery. Don’t let this be the case!

Buy the Right Bra

The post-surgical compression bra that you pick out will make or break your recovery. Research to find the most comfortable, best fitting, and most convenient option for you. You shouldn’t have to feel even more uncomfortable because of the bra you’re wearing. It should support you and feel as if it is helping your healing process. Your body will be grateful when you pick one that’s right for you!

Follow All Directions

The doctor will give you instructions on relaxing, choosing the right bra, medicine, cleaning the drain, and more. Make sure that you follow these directions because they are going to be what help you heal properly and efficiently. Don’t overlook or ignore any steps because you think they don’t matter. It will only make your recovery even longer and more painful—nobody wants that.

A mastectomy can be mentally and physically draining. It’s really hard on a person’s body; the process can be a long one. However, it’s how you go about that process that truly can make a difference. Follow these best care tips for post mastectomy recovery to help you have the best healing and recovery possible!