17 Fun And Unique Nurses Week Gifts Ideas
April 18, 2019
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(This post about Nurses Week gift ideas contains affiliate links.  You can find my disclosure page here.)

National Nurses Week was started by the American Nurses Association 1993 to celebrate the 4 million hardworking nurses for their outstanding dedication to the profession.

Each May, there are 7 days of opportunity for nurses to reflect on their patient care experiences and congratulate each other for all of their hard and selfless work.  Even more importantly, this is a great week for management to recognize nurse achievements and genuinely say “thank you nurses!”

National Nurses Week should be a time that many burned out and overworked nurses look forward to each year.

Unfortunately though, this week often comes and goes with little to no recognition for hospital nurses.  On first thought one might think that many hospital administrators just forget about Nurses Week altogether.

But there is usually a small bit of evidence that they do remember, but just don’t care to put much effort into it.  Often it is in the form of a cheap gift ordered in bulk – such as a plastic lunch pail with the hospital’s logo on it.  And if your hospital unit is really lucky, you might even win a drawing for a pizza party at  lunchtime!  (I wish I were just being sarcastic, but sadly I’m not).

It’s no secret that many nurses are usually not properly celebrated during Nurses Week.

I’m not saying that hospitals need to throw outlandish parties with catered meals and champagne (although that would be nice!).  Or that we get a cash bonus or prize (also would be nice, but really, who are we kidding here?).

What I am saying is that many hospitals have an opportunity to do a much better job of acknowledging nurse’s selfless dedication to helping thousands of patients survive and thrive that year.  By recognizing our work in literally the absolute cheapest way possible, those  basic 50 cent gifts with the hospital logo can be perceived as very condescending and self promoting gifts.  Especially to nurses who are sacrificing so much to put others’ needs before their own.

In other words, instead of sending the message:  “thank you so much for working on the front lines of healthcare to ensure that our patients get the absolute best patient care they deserve.  You’re awesome!”  Its more like, “At some point this week pick up your gift at the nurses office.”  The end.

Isn’t making nurses feel unappreciated the opposite purpose of Nurses Week?

Even worse, many nurses say that Nurses Week isn’t even acknowledged at their workplace.

So sad, but true.  The entire week goes by with not even a verbal “thank you for your service” or “we appreciate YOU, nurse.”  Nothing.

So, with National Nurse’s Week approaching I wanted to make a list of relatively inexpensive yet fun nurses week gifts.  Because there is nothing worse than being ignored during a holiday that is supposed to celebrate the hard work and selfless dedication of nurses everywhere.

(And, by the way nurse, you ARE awesome.  Thank you for your dedication and service.  The healthcare system would crumble without you!).

Fun and unique Nurses Week Gifts Ideas

17 Fun and Inexpensive Nurses Week Gift Ideas

I’m A Nurse, What’s Your Superpower? Stainless Steel Tumbler


Insulated Nurse Lunch Tote Bag


Nurse Necklace Handcrafted Angel-Wings Pendant


Nursing Is A Work Of Heart Lapel Pin


Nurses On Call With Care Lunch Bags (12 per set)

Brain Specimen Coasters

Large “Trauma Queen” Lunch Tote For Nurses


Coloring Book For Nurses :  Sweary Midnight Edition


Nurse Badge Reel Holder

Compression Socks For Nurses

“101 Blessing For Nurses” Cards

“I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out”:  True Stories Of Becoming A Nurse


Nurse Emergency Treat Kits ( Pack Of 12)


Keep Calm And Nurse On Water Bottle

Nurse Lapel Silicone Watches (Pack Of 5)

Chicken Soup For The Nurse’s Soul

Nurse Pride Coffee Mug

Which nurses week gift ideas on this list are your favorite? Please Leave a comment!

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