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Latest on the Blog

9 Tips for Working As A Nurse While Pregnant

How am I supposed to survive pregnancy while working 12 hour shifts as a nurse? This is a question I asked myself many...

3 Ways Compression Socks Help Nurses

Nurses need to be wearing compression socks or stockings for every shift.  Especially nurses who are on their feet for...

7 Essential Items Your Nanny Needs From You

(This post contains affiliate links.   For more information please see our disclosure policy.) Going back to work...
5 Ways Nurses Can Practice Holistic Self-Care

5 Ways Nurses Can Practice Holistic Self-Care

A holistic approach to self-care encompasses several different components—including nutrition, lifestyle, environmental and socioeconomic factors—to make sure that you’re not neglecting any aspect of your wellness. In this post, we break down each of these elements and explain how nurses can better practice them in their daily lives.

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