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After the birth of my daugther in 2015 I found myself struggling with the working-mom and new-mother balance.   I searched high and low for support and helpful resources. But I couldn’t find anything online that spoke directly to the issues that many nurse moms face.  It just didn’t exist… yet.

This lack of support for RN moms inspired the creation of Mother Nurse Love, a resource that helps inspire the Nurse Mom to recognize their own self-care needs, provide useful nurse  & mom lifestyle information, and thrive in both family and career.  

The nurse-life and motherhood balance is a real struggle.  Our main goal is to empower nurse moms to put their own mental and physical health first.  As the airline industry would say – we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves before assisting those around us.  Otherwise, we metaphorically crash and burn!

Self-care is not selfish.  In fact, the more we give to ourselves,  the more we can give to our families and patients.  (And to the contrary, when we put our own healthcare needs last, then everyone loses.)


HELLO, I’m Sarah!

Hello!  I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you are visiting me here at my blog.  When I started Mother Nurse Love I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I knew I needed some sort of outlet for the overwhelming exhaustion and burnout I was feeling as a registered nurse and new mom.  My goal was to find more effective ways to take better care of myself and make my life a little easier. By researching and writing about my experiences, it helped me find new solutions to help me live a happier, healthier life – both at work and home.

I am truly passionate about helping other nurse moms take better care of themselves too.  After all, when we take good care of ourselves first, we are able to give more of ourselves to others.  Plus, as nurses and moms, it is our responsibility to be good role models to both our children and our patients.  How can we expect others to listen to us when we don’t practice what we preach?

On this blog my passion manifests itself as posts about being a nurse and mom on topics such as:  nurse health, managing nurse burnout, work-life balance, being a working mom, breastfeeding during 12-hour shifts, nurse money goals, just to name a few.  I am constantly trying to make my life a little easier on myself. (On another note… I just discovered that joining a gym with childcare on site has been a total game-changer for my quality of life!).

One of the things I hear from readers is that they enjoy my honest candor and appreciate my quest for finding helpful solutions for the busy Mom, RN.  I would love for you to join our tribe of readers and join my email list for updates!


5 fun facts about me.

I am an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

In 2015, I expanded  my nursing practice by becoming an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (a three-month training program offered through Yoga Works).   Developed by Donna Karan, the UZIT program was created as a way to integrate eastern healing techniques into western medicine to treat both patients and caregivers.

The program was designed to teach healthcare professionals how to incorporate holistic healing modalities into patient care including yoga, Reiki, guided meditation, and essential oil therapy.   I continue to use these modalities whenever I have the chance – with my patients, my family and myself. If fact, these modalities have become such a cornerstone in my life that I don’t know where I would be without them (not in a good place, that’s for sure!).  And they have become topics I regularly write about on this website


My first college degree was in Journalism.

In my old Chico State college days, I was a journalism major and newspaper writer. Fast forward many years, a few career changes, and a whole lot of life, I discovered I have a long suppressed passion for writing. I am also a little obsessed with lifelong learning and can’t help dabbling in new endeavors that cross my way, specifically, new career paths or education of any kind.  Aren’t new experiences what life is all about?


My husband and I were together for 8 years before deciding to start a family.

My husband and I met oh-so-romantically at a bar in Hermosa Beach, California in 2006. We share a love of music, concerts and weekly date nights. Before having kids, we were pretty active socially, spent a lot of time traveling internationally and doing lots of fun stuff together. We were together for almost 8 years before we seriously considered expanding our family. Then we ecstatically welcomed our daughter after being together for a little over 9 years. Now here we are, a family of four!


The Nutribullet is my favorite cooking tool.

My husband did not marry me for my culinary skills. What I lack in baking or cooking skills, I more than make up for with my Nutribullet abilities. I take pride in the fact that I make incredible smoothies and soups in the Nutribullet.  My patience in the kitchen is limited. For that reason I am a huge fan of meals with 4 ingredients or less, mostly organic whole foods. Easier preparation often means healthier and less processed anyway. If I can’t make it in a Nutribullet, I usually don’t bother!


Before I became a nurse I sold medical devices for a large corporation.

In the decade before I became an RN, I was a hustler on the business side of healthcare.  In fact, I worked in the extremely competitive field of surgical equipment sales for a Fortune 100 company and a few medical device startups. After nine exhausting and exciting years I made the difficult decision to quit my successful sales career in pursuit of a career where I could actually help people. So I went back to college to become a nurse


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